During the counseling staff is dedicated to the customer and works with any professional to understand needs and tastes in order to create a reasonable, unique and optimal project.

We follow the customer at all stages of the project and assist him during the choice of materials, solutions and type of working.

By providing skill and expertise to customize and enhance the idea of furnishing by the customer, the staff helps with drawings, sketches and works in 3D thus ensuring a result that already in the design phase is concrete and will satisfy any uncertainty.

Originality, uniqueness, attention to detail and impeccable quality are the key features of the customized products and ensure functionality and strength.

Thanks to the internal joinery, strength of the company with advanced machinery, you can create customized solutions that fit every need and (accessories) may be a further opportunity to improve the furnishing of your home.

The company offers several services to ensure a complete job that meets your every taste and desire; from design to space planning, from transport to installation, we guarantee a timely turnkey service and a qualified after-sales care.